Metaverse-ready telco

The Internet ( R )evolution

The world is changing and so are human connections

Web3, tokenomics, AR/VR, NFTs and cryptos bring a new way of building services and business models.

In order for people to have incredible experiences in the Metaverse, interfaces have evolved, becoming more immersive, more human and more accessible.

Girl with virtual reality glasses enjoying in the Metaverse.
Girl with virtual reality glasses enjoying in the Metaverse.

Discover the Metaverse

Learn about the fundamental concepts of this virtual universe through exclusive interviews with our experts in Web3, Tokenomics and Metaverse.

Immersive worlds

Immersive worlds

Blockchain and tokenomics

Blockchain and tokenomics



Our networks are ready

These are our pillars as a Metaverse-ready telco.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

A thecnology that allows us to process data more closely and securely, making more efficient use of network resources.

Low latency Technologies

Low Latency Technologies

Stable, lag-free connectivity on a sustained basis. The deployment of fibre optics and new generations of wireless networks are essential for the development of the Metaverse.

Programmable networks

Programmable networks

We open up our networks to make them programmable, through networks APIs, in a standardised way so that they are interoperable.


This is the next big thing. A technological tsunami that will require a transformation of the telco industry in general.

Chema Alonso

Chema Alonso

Chief Digital Officer Telefónica

We are committed to co-creation, entrepreneurship and collaboration as drivers of this new era


We design the future as a team, in open collaboration spaces with partners such as Meta or Microsoft. These are our laboratories and hubs:

Telefonica Innovation Hub

Telefonica Innovation Hub

Get to know our new immersive space in Spatial, open to our innovation teams, customers and partners.

A place in which you can develop new projects in the Metaverse with meeting rooms, an agora, live broadcast of events and a chill out area to connect and enjoy.

XR Experience Center of Telefónica

XR Experience Center

A laboratory open to all departments of Telefónica that allows access to the most pioneering XR devices, services and applications.

The environment is designed for testing, learning and working with extended reality hardware.

Two guys with the VR glasses in their hands.

Metaverse Innovation Hub

We partnered with Meta to deploy network technology with end-to-end testing.

An innovative 5G lab where we developed Metaverse use cases on network infrastructure and equipment from both companies.

icon-arrowEntrepreneurial talent

We invest in leading start-ups to bring innovation to Telefónica and the Metaverse.

Bit2me Crossmint Gamium Matsuko Metasoccer Nova Labs Rand VoiceMod YBVR Spatial

An exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Its Bit2me Commerce service allows a cryptocurrency payment gateway to be integrated into an e-commerce site so that users can buy products using different cryptocurrencies. The tool allows for easy and secure withdrawals, exchanges and other transactions.

This service is offered through a free and open API in order to integrate the online payment gateway in any type of online shop.


A payment method for NFTs that allows users to purchase these digital assets with an email and a credit card, without the need for wallets or cryptos. In addition, it allows access to and storage of NFTs on its platform in a secure and accessible way.

This startup simplifies the process of purchasing NFTs to facilitate the penetration of these assets in the market.


The first decentralised social Metaverse, where users have their own avatar and a digital identity with which they can control their data.

It offers two main products: Gamium World, where you can create immersive experiences and interact with other avatars; and Gamium App, to build and develop that digital identity and use it across Web3 and Metaverse applications.


A communication app using holographic technology. Its service allows users to see the person they are talking to in AR and in real time, using only the front camera of a mobile phone or MRI glasses.

This tool makes it possible to enhance the video call experience in a simple way, making it more real and closer.


The first football Metaverse. A decentralised video game based on Web3 technology where users can create their own virtual teams, manage their financial and sporting strategies and generate revenue while playing.

It also allows you to buy NFTs of professional players such as Ronaldinho or Carvajal and watch matches in 3D.


A decentralized blockchain-based network that connects IoT devices. Heliums technology enables communication between devices and rewards users with HNT tokens (its own cryptocurrency) based on network usage.

These networks are composed of nodes known as Helium Mobile Hotspots, developed on the OpenWiFi standard powered by TIP.

Nova Labs

A Fintech company (mobile wallet and credit card) focused on serving the needs of the Z generation. Rand enables its users, through Web3 and intelligence technologies, to access financial products to encourage sustainable savings and asset growth.

The aim of the startup is to bring young people closer to the new economic models of the Metaverse and to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralised finance.


VoiceMod offers real-time voice modulator software for online games such as Minecraft or Fortnite and other applications such as Teams, WhatsApp, Skype or Discord.

This service allows users to further personalise their identity in the virtual world, so they can decide which voice they want to have.


A next-generation VR video distribution platform that enables real-time streaming of mass events such as sports and concerts. In addition, they are developing a VR 360 video streaming technology optimised for any available bandwidth conditions.

Yvbr allows companies to expand the capacity of their events or space, through virtual ticketing, and offers users an immersive and personalised experience.


A virtual reality service that helps creators and brands build their own spaces in the Metaverse where they can share culture and experiences together.

In addition, Spatial allows creators to generate new and striking 3D spaces that they can sell as NFTs.



We work together with the market's leading experts on the three keys that make people's interaction in the Metaverse possible: infraestructure, devices and experiences.


We partner with leading technology players to deploy Web3 and Metaverse solutions in their infrastructure.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud


We partner with XR technology experts to train our teams and bring the latest devices to market.

Meta Quest


We collaborate with the best in developing experiences to offer new ways for our customers to shop, have fun or connect.