Metaverse-ready telco

Bringing the Metaverse to the people


The network is the key asset on which the services of the future are being built. We drive network evolution to ensure better speeds, latencies and capacities.

Team consisting of three people looking and pointing at a computer and in a technological context.

icon-arrowOpen Gateway

We turn our networks into a future-ready platform and do so through standardised and interoperable APIs.

We expose our network and telco capabilities to facilitate more efficient service creation and improve customer experiences.

Immersive experiences

The Metaverse offers new formats and consumer experiences with AR/VR, volumetric production and avatars.

Movistar Immersive Experience, a new way to interact with our Movistar world.

icon-arrowMovistar Immersive Experience

A virtual world available in the Meta Quests. Users can interact with the Movistar world in an innovative way, accessing unpublished immersive content from Movistar Plus+, such as the set of La Resistencia or entering the gym of the series El Inmortal to discover much more about it. In addition, thanks to the multi-user functionality it is possible to interact with friends and other users, visiting, for example, the mythical Telefónica Building on Madrids Gran Via or the work "Universe Inside You", designed in collaboration with the painter and sculptor Okuda San Miguel. In its virtual store, users can find out about Movistars main products and services, and with the help of Aura, Movistars virtual assistant, make an appointment at a store. In addition, this environment takes care of users health by incorporating notifications that promote digital disconnection.

A new way to interact with our Movistar world in a more immersive way.

Telefonica World and Theme Park, Telefónicas virtual worlds in Horizon Worlds.

icon-arrowTelefónica World and Telefónica Theme Park

These are our virtual worlds. With the Meta Quest glasses our clients can test their skills in fair games with other people in a multi-user environment, attend presentations in the auditorium area or collaborate in the development of this world.

Two social and entertainment spaces where you can interact with our brand and other people through avatars.

Virtual Innovation Hub, the virtual space of Distrito Telefónica Hub de Innovación y Talento in Spatial.

icon-arrowInnovation Virtual Hub

The virtual space of Distrito Telefónica Innovation and Talent Hub at Spatial. Users can attend our Fundación Telefónica events and others such as the Mobile World Congress or communicate with the community through chat, in a more immersive, simple and accessible way. This enviroment is available in 2D through a computer, mobile phone or tablet, or in 3D through a VR device.

Users can also create a new avatar or log in with their Ready Player Me platform avatar. In addition, Spatial allows users to create an account with their wallet in Metamask.

Movistar Plus+ now in virtual reality.

icon-arrowMovistar Plus+ in VR

Movistar Plus+ programmes, films and series come to the Meta Quest glasses. Now our users can watch the TV show Ilustres Ignorantes, music concerts or Endesa League basketball matches in VR format.

We transform our content into immersive experiences for viewing to the max.

Web3 Economies and Tokenomics

Web3 brings a new economic paradigm with decentralised business models, new payment methods with NFTs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Telefónica NFT Marketplace, exclusive collections with a guarantee of authenticity.

icon-arrowTelefónica NFT Marketplace

We connect people with their favorite artists and writers in a different way, offering them exclusive collections that have a social and human commitment, bringing people closer to unique experiences through NFTs with a guarantee of authenticity.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we protect the creations of artists and the property of buyers, bringing these digital assets closer to people in a safe and reliable way.

Our users can also access from the Movistar Plus+ Living App.

Movistar Tokens, the new loyalty programme based on blockchain technology.

icon-arrowMovistar Tokens

A loyalty programme based on blockchain technology. Our customers can now generate tokens for actions such as talking to Aura or downloading Movistar Cloud, which they can redeem for different prizes.

In this way, we encourage the use of our digital channels and bring our customers closer to the web3.

Conexión Segura now also protects operations on the Web3.

icon-arrowConexión Segura

A new way to protect your Web3 operations. We integrated an intelligence feed in Conexión Segura, the free Smart WiFi service for Movistar customers, to detect malicious domains related to cryptocurrencies, tokens or SmartContracts.

Thus, we developed a new mechanism to bring more security to our customers in Web3 environments.